We solve imminent security need

Xertified solve imminent security needs on a global market by securing each connected device instead of the network itself. The main challenge today is that networks are no longer secure in a way that organisations can rely on them.

In order to secure connected devices/equipment and enable them to be used anywhere, even on low security networks, undeniable digital identities have to be used without exception, for any type of device, even legacy systems with no ability to do this on their own.

XoT Technology™ provides a secure and user-friendly solution that run atop any network infrastructure and that is fully agnostic in relation to the actual network design and functionality. It can be said to be a “drop-in” solution that can be used to complement almost any existing solution to enhance security levels without having to tear out or change what is already in place.

Example of problems we solve:
  • Prohibiting attacks against important networks such as med-tech facilities, healthcare institutions, manufacturing, transport/logistics or society critical infrastructure.
  • Mitigating the challenge of more than 50% of cybercrimes being initiated from within a network or organisation.
  • Becoming NIS 2 compliant. One of the fastest growing concerns for a huge number of organisations in Europe is to implement requirements such as authentication, encryption, secure supply chains etc.
  • Allowing trusted users access to trusted critical or sensitive equipment. Any type of connection between insecure and trusted networks are by default a risk.
  • Enable IT and OT networks to converge. When these two rather different networks shall communicate openly, it results in thousands of new attack vectors emerging rapidly.

Secure remote and local access

Gain more control of who, to what and when someone or something wants to communicate.

Remote maintenance by 3rd party

Secure your 3rd party supply chain maintenance.

Critical systems access management

Get in access control of your system admins.

Bridging OT <-> IT

When OT meets IT, knowing who and what is on your network becomes even more critical. Only allow trusted and verified users and devices access to network resources.

Secure OT environment

Use undeniable digital identities for man and machine.

Secure public infrastructure

Dedicated secure communication beyond current VPN technologies. Dedicated device firewall with secure storage of digital identities.

Secure IoT device communication

Ability to operate any type device over any type of network securely.

Connect to cloud servers

Secure your communication to the cloud.