XoT Products

The XoT product family, designed, developed and produced in Sweden, consist of four series; a stand-alone unit (XoT-S1), a 19” rack-unit under development (XoT-R12), a virtual XoT (XoT-N) and a secure remote access proxy (XoT-Bridge).

Stand-alone: XoT-S1

Technical specifications XoT-S1 (i)

Measurements: 92*98*30mm
Weight: 120g
Power: USB-c
Connections: RJ45, USB3
Screen: OLED 128*128
Protocols: PKI/ECC, IPv4, IPv6
Throughput: >100 Mbps full encryption

Available in IP 65 for industrial grade applications. Includes heating and cooling.

Rack-based: XoT-R12

Technical specifications XoT-R12

Measurements: 19″ 1U
Weight: TBD
Power: AC 230
Connections: RJ45
Protocols: PKI/ECC, IPv4, IPv6
Throughput: 1Gbps /port full encryption

Virtual: XoT-N

Technical specifications XoT-N

Protocols: PKI/ECC, IPv4, IPv6
Cloud platforms: Azure, (K8S sidecar and AWS)
On-prem platform: x86, Azure and K8S sidecar
Sizing: Ordered in batches of 25 secured hosts

Secure proxy: XoT-Bridge

Technical specifications XoT-Bridge

Use case: Acting as a secure proxy for XoT technology bridging network segments
Protocols: PKI/ECC, IPv4, IPv6
On-prem platform: x86
Sizing: Ordered in batches of 25 secured sessions

XoT Management System

At the heart of the XoT solution is the XMS (XoT Management System), a policy based management platform that allows or denies access to secured devices.

The XMS handles and supports five distinct tasks;

  1. Enrolment of new devices
  2. Life cycle management of existing devices and certificates
  3. Creating and maintaining access rights through policies
  4. Asset management of protected equipment
  5. Collecting security data from XoT devices

The XMS can be operated on any modern platform using Kubernetes or VMs, on-prem or in the cloud, based on customer requirements.