A missing piece in today’s cybersecurity solutions

identity-based access control for network resources in IT, (I)IoT, OT and critical network environments

You are exposed

It should come as no surprise that cyber security specialists, research firms and public reports all say the same. Cyber-attacks in IT, (I)IoT and OT are increasing rapidly and pose serious risks to business operations and national security as well as human safety. The peculiar thing is that one of the most contributing factors is the exploitation of already known vulnerabilities, with 34 of the 39 most popular exploits (CWEs) specifically directed at vulnerabilities that have existed for more than three years.

And it gets worse…

What makes matters even worse is that while most companies have implemented a lot of security measures, many of them which actually increase the attack surfaces available for cyber-criminals. A good example is VPN solutions that almost all public and private organisations use today. There is no question that allowing remote access for employees and third-party vendors to IT, OT and (I)IoT systems adds significant value to the organisation, but how many CIOs or CISOs really understand the security implication of it?

Do something about it!

Xertified addresses these challenges, and many more, with a simple “drop-in” solution to what you already have. In short, it is an overlay that only allows trusted users and resources to digitally communicate with other trusted users and resources. Simply put, we give them a unique digital key that can be used to open a digital padlock to access any type of resource on the network.

XoT technology by Xertified

Identity and end-to-end encryption is the common denominator for any type of high-end security. Add location-independent users, devices, and networks and you create the ability for organizations to holistically authenticate, authorize, and manage users, things, and systems safely and securely.

To put more weight on above statement – It is no coincidence that at the core of NIS 2 and IEC 62443 you will find the implementation of access control, zero-trust solution, undeniable digital identities and encryption for everyone and everything.

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Everything connected

The Internet Protocol (IP) has enabled anything and everything to be connected. A cornerstone of IP is openess and transparency. If it is connected it can be reached. If it can be reached it can be hacked. And hackers don’t break in, they log in.

OT meets IT

When OT meets IT, knowing who and what is on your network becomes even more critical. Only allow trusted and verified users and devices access to network resources. The traditional OT air gap environment, if ever truly existed, is long gone.

From core to device

The trend is clear, as computing, analysis, measurements, and communication moves from the core to the edge of the network. The security however remains network centric and static in most cases. Secure the device, not only the network.

Legacy devices

There are more than 2 billion professional devices operational and connected. This number grows with more than 100 million new devices each year. The legacy remains a huge liability that is not easily solved as most of these devices are unable to defend themselves.

The threat from within

Up to 80% of cybercrime is committed from within the network. By employees, consultants, partners, customers, suppliers and collaboration members. Undeniable digital identities are needed for both man and machine.

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