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Take control over your connected devices

Manage, secure and analyze with XoT technologyTM
Everything connected can be exposed and thus be used or abused by a malicious individual or organisation. Threats can enter your system from a printer, a utility device, a laptop or even a smart-tv. The answer to this challenge is as simple as it is clever. A small proxy unit, plugged into all devices, keeping the information and the device itself locked for those who have no right to access it.

Our product, using XoT technology™, does not only keep your devices safe on any network. It also collects and structures your data. Letting you know exactly how many devices you have, who are using them and to what extent.

Imagine a world where you both have security and control. A full overview of your equipment and users. You have never been closer to that goal than now.

How to use

There are three ways to establish a truly secure management of connected devices; install our purpose built small proxy unit in front of each device to be protected and connect the management system easily into your current IT environment, buy the solution as a service from our partners or build it into your devices and deliver a secure product to your customers.

Xertified XoT Benefits

  1. Securing all connected devices, using a small proxy unit based on industry standards.
  2. Gives a total overview of all connected devices.
  3. Supporting all standards and can be built in.
  4. Easy to install and handle through the full life-cycle.
  5. Can be used as a service, bought or built-in.
  6. Market-leading PKI-software with long tested history among the most demanding clients.

A real Swedish tradition

To secure the future, you need to understand the past. With over 20 years experience in the IT security field, we know what matters. Our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden, continuing a national story of great engineering and reliability. Simplicity is always key in building a scalable system, to both ensure security and accessibility. Our history ensures that well established industry standards meets innovation.

The new standard

Our product, using XoT technology™, supports all major standardized ways of connecting your devices. It is small and easy to install and manage over the life-cycle. You can buy it, use it as a service or build it in. We make sure that your security and management of your devices is rooted in known tools.