Expisoft and Xertified brings undeniable digital identities to both man and machine

Expisoft and Xertified strengthen the partnership and offers a join solution with undeniable digital identities for both users and devices, or man and machine if you will. This means that regardless of who or what that originates the communication and regardless of who or what you want to connect to, or communicate with, undeniable digital identities are used to create highest possible level of security.

Together the two companies have created a one-stop-shop for certificates and digital identities throughout any organisation and any business. When everything becomes connected and IT and OT merges it is necessary to ensure that only trusted individuals can access connected devices and this is exactly what is created in the joint approach to secure anything from society critical infrastructure and other key organisations to manufacturing industries.

We are hiring!

As a part of the accelerated growth of Xertified, we are now looking for colleagues within several functions and positions to be jointly us on a fantastic opportunity within cybersecurity in Sweden.

The company is setting-up two offices. The first one shall be in Uppsala, where the focus is on software development, logistics, sourcing, and product management. The second office will be in Stockholm, where the focus is on commercial and corporate activities.

Are you are interested in positions such as; software developer, cybersecurity specialist, test and support, UX/GUI, or related technical roles located in Uppsala, please contact Jens Hammarlund.


Are you are focused on commercial and want to help organizations within critical infrastructure, defense industries, manufacturing industries, med-tech, and healthcare to secure their systems and devices to avoid apparent threats, and also to enable new business and new ways of communicating and cooperating with partners, customers or suppliers, please contact Martin Eriksson for a possibility to join us in our Stockholm office.


See Xertified’s open positions.

SEK 40M round closed with industrial partners – new board of directors appointed

Xertified has secured SEK 40M from a group of industrial partners, including MW Group and Combient as well as one of Swedens largest family offices and Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt.

Together with MW Group Xertified will approach and support defense operators in the Nordics, key players in the defense industry and society critical infrastructure organisations.

Together with Combient Xertified will work with leading industry and service organisation in the Nordics, not only to secure these operations but also to enable new business opportunities that arises from additional communication capabilities.

The new board of directors consists of Anders Ericsson (co-founder), Anders Ösund (VP technology & innovation, Combient), Mikael Karlsson (founder and CEO, MW Group) and Johan Lärksäter (independent, Business Unit Director, Arrow).

Xertified finalist in Tech Award 2022

Xertified and XoT Technology is one of the finalists in the upcoming Tech Award 2022 event in March this year. We are humble and proud to be acknowledged for our efforts to secure anything from society critical infrastructure to various industries and continue our dedicated efforts to deliver groundbreaking but yet simple cybersecurity solutions for all connected devices out there.

Atea to distribute XoT, starting within med-tech

Atea becomes a distributor of Xertified products and services under the brand XoT technology™ and together the parties will deliver a cybersecurity solution to Testa Center as a start of this long-term cooperation.

Xertified’s business model is based on distributors and OEM partners that can enhance the XoT technology™ offerings into various market segments to complement the wide variety of security solutions out there, in both IT and OT environments.

“Adding Atea to our partner-list is a natural step in expanding the business in the Swedish and Nordic markets and we are proud to be working with a company that spans over a very interesting geography, all the way to the Baltics and that serves a huge customer base with relevant IT solutions”, says Martin Eriksson, Managing Director of Xertified.

Xertified joins Swedish Scaleups new program

Xertified is the first of 6 companies to participate in the latest Scaleup project in Uppsala with the aim to identify, support and strengthen innovative growth companies with high potential.

The project links incubators, science parks, academia and large corporates to enable networking, competence sharing, business opportunities, funding and securing key resources.

”Being accepted into Swedish Scaleups shows that we are on the right track to become a significant cybersecurity company and that our ideas and ways forward are being seen as viable and promising” says Martin Eriksson, CEO and co-founder of Xertified.

RISE to evaluate XoT technology

RISE has within the Cyber Range reviewed and evaluated the architecture behind our XoT technology™ to ensure that it meets todays and tomorrows standards and requirements for a solid zero trust security solution. We see a gap in the cybersecurity landscape and aim to close that with dedicated access control for connected devices, using identity based security. The review has confirmed the core architecture and also identified a few suggestions for improvement and is precisely what we were looking for when approaching RISE.  

“Working with companies like Xertified with new ideas and new approaches means that we learn how the industry and innovative organizations thinks which is important for us in our aim to be a leading science and research facility”, says Shahid Raza, Director Cybersecurity at RISE “Supporting the Swedish cybersecurity industry with analysis and evaluation, of various kinds, underpinned by the vast knowledge we have acquired over the years is truly what the Cyber Range is all about”.

Xertified receives full approval by EPO

EPO, the European Patent Office,  has granted Xertified full approval of all 15 claims associated with the XoT technology™ patent that was filed in October 2019. It means that Xertified now can intensify discussions and share details behind the invention with customers, partners, distributors and OEM suppliers and service providers that can benefit from using this leading cybersecurity solution. “This patent means that we now expand our position as a leading cybersecurity technology supplier and we look forward to welcome further partners and distributors into our global network”, says Martin Eriksson, CEO of Xertified.

Want to know more? Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further discussions and insights into what XoT technology™ can do for your business.

Xertified files 2nd patent – securing computers and users

Xertified continues to work hard to meet existing and future demands in the IT security industry and that means inventing where huge gaps are identified in the market. Together with AWA a 2nd patent application have been filed at the European Patent Office, EPO. This patent is the basis for designing, developing and delivering a unique end-user device that prevents malicious use or unwanted outside access to any computer, laptop or similar end-user equipment. While at the same time enabling each user to reach and utilize resources in the network that they are entitled to, all being a part of our groundbreaking XoT technology. With this invention Xertified now has a broad range of solutions to cover most aspects of IoI/IT security challenges related to access control and undeniable digital identities for man and machine.