About Xertified

Xertified is based on a belief that good IT/OT and IIoT security is a cornerstone for productive and future-proof networking.  The idea is that both users and equipment, man and machine if you will, needs unique and undeniable identities to securely separate the ones that we trust from the ones that we don’t.

Xertified protects and secures

By eliminating the possibilities to interfere with IT/OT and IIoT devices, we contribute to a safer Internet as a common foundation for fair play, innovation and business opportunities for organizations, companies and users of IT/OT and IIoT technology. Xertified provides undeniable digital identities to everyone and everything in order to protect connected devices. This is especially important for critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation, health care equipment and other professional devices.

Advanced IT/OT and IIoT security solutions designed and built in Sweden

Xertified designs, develops and builds advanced IT/OT and IIoT security solutions in Sweden, centered around the XoT technology™ brand. The company is based on more than 20 years experience within security with focus on PKI and certificates. Xertified builds its own products, both hardware and software, and also licenses the XoT technology™ to partners, distributors and equipment manufacturers.

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