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About us

Everything connected can be exposed and thus be used or abused by a malicious individual or organisation. Threats can enter your system from a printer, a utility device, a laptop or even a smart-tv. The answer to this challenge is as simple as it is clever. A small proxy unit, plugged into all devices, keeping the information and the device itself locked for those who have no right to access it.

Safety should never be an issue

Xertified is a Swedish IT security company that delivers groundbreaking solutions that secures and manages any professional device connected to a network. Patented solution using a proxy hardware and a software suite that enables cost efficient operation of any device in a hostile environment. Easy deployment, full asset management and traceability of traffic and users

The company is working in close cooperation with SecMaker that has invested more than 15 years of development in secure login using PKI and certificates, and the Net iD software is currently used by more than 1,5 million professional users. Xertified has taken a world leading security software for individuals and transferred it into the device and equipment arena, and suddenly all and any devices can have the highest level of security without possessing any of these capabilities on their own.

Xertified is based in Sweden where development and manufacturing is done to ensure the highest possible security and full interoperability where needed.