We are hiring!

As a part of the accelerated growth of Xertified, we are now looking for colleagues within several functions and positions to be jointly us on a fantastic opportunity within cybersecurity in Sweden.

The company is setting-up two offices. The first one shall be in Uppsala, where the focus is on software development, logistics, sourcing, and product management. The second office will be in Stockholm, where the focus is on commercial and corporate activities.

Are you are interested in positions such as; software developer, cybersecurity specialist, test and support, UX/GUI, or related technical roles located in Uppsala, please contact Jens Hammarlund.


Are you are focused on commercial and want to help organizations within critical infrastructure, defense industries, manufacturing industries, med-tech, and healthcare to secure their systems and devices to avoid apparent threats, and also to enable new business and new ways of communicating and cooperating with partners, customers or suppliers, please contact Martin Eriksson for a possibility to join us in our Stockholm office.


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