Agile reality

The business world is becoming increasingly agile and networks can’t remain static. Securing equipment at the edge enables you to build the network according to your business needs rather than based on recent security threats.

Resources moving to the edge

IoT and industry 4.0 has moved a substantial part of the computing power, data streams and analysis capabilities to the edge, so it is natural that the security follows.

Non-hierarchical networks

Modern IT platforms are non-hierarchical with dataflows in any direction. Secure the edge devices and open up for further possibilities.

Perimeter security is flawed

The opposite of edge security is perimeter based security and it requires extremely rigid implementations with cumbersome changes and life-cycle management. One breach in the perimeter and all assets on the inside are exposed.

Reaching legacy equipment

In a swift and simple move all 2 billion professional connected devices operational today, from industrial robots to x-ray machines and printers, can be made extremely secure and can be used on any type of network.