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Security is at the heart of our solution and a key element to fully managed devices. If the device is not secured it can be controlled, used or abused by a malicious individual or organization. Highest possible security, impenetrable for any outside attack is now available for both existing legacy devices and new devices being built to last many years to come

Safety no matter what

As in most other aspects in life, security is not stronger than its weakest link. Companies are rapidly starting to understand that the weakest link today are all unprotected devices connected to the network. The almost unsurmountable challenge is to secure a wide range of equipment from thousands of manufacturers with as many solutions regarding communication, management, connections and protocols.

Industry standards meeting innovation

Xertified XoT is built upon industry standards such as PKI and certificates, with a proxy unit securing that only trusted individuals or trusted equipment may connect and exchange information from the previously unprotected device. The proxy with its extremely high security level based on complex yet easy to use public and private keys protects a dedicated device, thus creating a perimeter security approach making it possible to operate sensitive equipment on, through or over unsecure networks.

One device fits all

Xertified XoT gives the customer unmatched possibilities to secure, manage and analyze anything that concerns connected devices. The solution works with any device that carries a standard communication port and does not care about what type of device it is or what type of protocol the device is running internally. It is truly a technology and connectivity agnostic solution that can be used on any and all existing devices from day one, while at the same time allowing for built-in solutions going forward.