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Xertified delivers a solution that enables secure management of connected professional devices in an increasingly hostile environment. Key words are simplicity, life-cycle management and reliability. If you can connect to it, you need to manage it. Easily and cost efficient.

Easy-managed assets

With a wide variety of connected devices already in place, management of these are key in an efficient and secure solution, from deployment to operational changes and revocation of rights.

The management system is built upon a clear idea of simple and effective life-cycle management of all devices concerned. The management system will manage and control the IoT security proxy and not the device itself.

New tech, same skills

Deployment of the proxy is extremely simple and straightforward and does not require advanced skills among the resources on site.

The customer sets desired security levels and a catalogue of policies before initiating deployment which then can be done in steps or all in one go.

Access for the chosen ones

As soon as the proxy is operational the management system can assign or change rights to access each connected device for any other device or trusted individual within the network.

The management system will collect and store traffic data, including log-on attempts and disconnected sessions. It will also hold information about each connected and secured device for later analysis according to customer needs.