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How to use

A unique and purpose made security proxy will be installed in front of every unprotected device. The proxy is operated and controlled through a management system that is easily linked to the customers existing IT platforms. For manufacturers of devices a HW module or a SW-only delivery is available for build-in solutions.

One solution, infinitely scalable

Xertified XoT is a key building block in a full scale IT security set-up and complements most existing systems in the market today.

Individuals and information can be secured in an equally professional manner which then allows companies to operate with full security over exposed and unsecure networks as well as using any apps and systems.

The solution can be scaled into the customers network in an orderly fashion, allowing full control during the deployment and following the needs and constraints of each customer.

For each device to be protected the customer deploys a dedicated security proxy which will be placed in close proximity to the device to avoid any tampering with traffic between the device and the proxy. Thus a full scale perimeter security is established and the device can operate in any environment.

Xertified offers both a full scale proxy HW solution and a built-in version available to manufacturers that wishes to future proof their devices and equipment, growing with the market and enabling security for legacy systems as well as new devices, side by side.