Everything connected

The Internet Protocol (IP) has enabled anything and everything to be connected. A cornerstone of IP is openess and transparency. If it is connected it can be reached. If it can be reached it can be hacked. And hackers don’t break in, they log in.

OT meets IT

When OT meets IT, knowing who and what is on your network becomes even more critical. Only allow trusted and verified users and devices access to network resources. The traditional OT air gap environment, if ever truly existed, is long gone.

From core to device

The trend is clear, as computing, analysis, measurements, and communication moves from the core to the edge of the network. The security however remains network centric and static in most cases. Secure the device, not only the network.

Legacy devices

There are more than 2 billion professional devices operational and connected. This number grows with more than 100 million new devices each year. The legacy remains a huge liability that is not easily solved as most of these devices are unable to defend themselves.

The threat from within

Up to 80% of cybercrime is committed from within the network. By employees, consultants, partners, customers, suppliers and collaboration members. Undeniable digital identities are needed for both man and machine.