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Understand your network and your users. Through traffic information and utilization data you can reduce the IT costs, redeploy assets where they are most needed, understand structural issues and identify problems before they actually occur. This gives you true power to operate a first class IT environment.

Any device, any business

As soon as the proxy units are in place, the management system will hold information about what device is connected behind each proxy and where they are physically located.

The customer gest a complete and unmatched asset management capability which allows for reduction in HW investments, redeployment of devices according to actual use and along with that numerous possibilities to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Each proxy unit will log all traffic going to or from the device and also any and all attempts to try to connect without having the proper rights. Furthermore data regarding lost connections, congestions and similar traffic data will be available, in real-time.

The system will enable 3rd party analytics tools based for example on AI, machine learning, neural networks or similar to analyze the data and identify patterns, attempts of fraud, communication irregularities and other indicators that are key for a proper management of the network and all connected devices.

Xertified IoT Security gives the customer unmatched possibilities to secure, manage and analyze anything that concerns connected devices. The solution works with any device that carries a standard communication port and does not care about what type of device it is or what type of protocol the device is running internally.