RISE to evaluate XoT technology

RISE has within the Cyber Range reviewed and evaluated the architecture behind our XoT technology™ to ensure that it meets todays and tomorrows standards and requirements for a solid zero trust security solution. We see a gap in the cybersecurity landscape and aim to close that with dedicated access control for connected devices, using identity based security. The review has confirmed the core architecture and also identified a few suggestions for improvement and is precisely what we were looking for when approaching RISE.  

“Working with companies like Xertified with new ideas and new approaches means that we learn how the industry and innovative organizations thinks which is important for us in our aim to be a leading science and research facility”, says Shahid Raza, Director Cybersecurity at RISE “Supporting the Swedish cybersecurity industry with analysis and evaluation, of various kinds, underpinned by the vast knowledge we have acquired over the years is truly what the Cyber Range is all about”.